Kimbrough Fire Extinguisher Company is a family owned and operated Texas Corporation founded in 1982 by brothers Rick and Kenny Kimbrough. We believe it is our responsibility to offer the highest quality Fire Protection Solutions to satisfy your needs while maintaining Code Compliance and Insurance Acceptance. It is our desire to do our work with as much personal involvement as possible while not compromising our relationship as your Fire Protection Partner. It is our goal to do our job properly, professionally, with personality and within a cost effective framework.


We have 3 Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System install teams and 25 service technicians. Some of our technicians are cross trained & hold licenses for Fire Systems, Extinguisher, Alarm, & Sprinkler.  We have a support staff of 11 people in our office to assist you with any need.


Rick Kimbrough has over 40 years experience in the industry and serves as the company's president. Rick holds a Type A Extinguisher License and a Fire Alarm Technician License as issued by the State Fire Marshal's Office. He was appointed to serve on NFPA 33 and 34 technical committees from 1990 to 2000. Rick served on the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributor's (NAFED) Board of Directors from 1991 to 1994. He was also founding president of the Board of Directors for Fire Equipment Distributors of Texas (FEDOT). Rick spends the majority of his day out on jobsites, meeting with construction superintendents and dealing "one on one" with our customers.


Kenny Kimbrough also has over 40 years experience in the industry and serves as the company's vice president. Kenny holds a Type A Extinguisher License and also has his Fire Alarm Technician License. In addition, he has been a licensed electrician for over 40 years. Kenny can be found most days in the office, going over plans and blueprints for schools and large institutional projects. He is also responsible for purchasing and keeping equipment on the shelves for our installers and service technicians.


Stop by and see us! You will notice our company motto proudly painted on the door as you enter our shop - "Attitude Is Everything!"



Attitude is Everything!